Our Vision & Mission


Hans strives to develop motivated , responsible life- long learners who make a difference to our world


Inspiring and challenging young minds as a caring and committed international community to achieve excellence, assume responsibility and pursue- life long learning.


Inspiring and challenging young minds

Stimulate inquiring minds and spark enthusiasm for discovery and exploration .

Focus on all aspects of students development :- the academic , the intellectual , the creative the social, the physical ,the ethical and the emotional.

As a caring and committed international community .

Provided as open minded and supportive atmosphere through a climate of commitment , empathy and open communication .

Facilitate the acquision of languages and understanding culture by communicating in English .


Promote the acquisition of concepts , knowledge , Skill and attitude required to think critically , pursue excellence and fulfil one’s personal potential .

Be a dynamic and progressive school with well resourced and innovative programmes.


Stimulate inquiring into local and global issues from multiple respectives and develop the understanding that the opinions of others also be right .

Build and strong sense of personal and social responsibility that sets the foundation for a balanced lifestyle and encourages service to others our community and our environment .


Challenge our students to become life long learners by taking risks, reflecting on their experiences and preparing for their futures .

Encourage parent and family involvement in each students learning to enhance the success of our programmes .

Excel in standards of education with dedicated teachers and committed staff who seek multiple opportunities for professional development .