Smart Class

It is a digital initiative taken to assist the faculties in meeting everyday classroom challenges so as to enhance and improve the student’s academic performance with the utmost use of technology. With pictures and audio- visual clips,it becomes very convenient for the student to grasp what’s in the lesson.


The library is full fledged which provides both physical and digital access to books and study materials. The books from various genres are available here. Students also have access to the latest Newspapers and Magazines.

Junior Library

Senior Library


Well furnished laboratories ,fullly equipped with apparatuses , instruments and specimens are available which help students to nurture their inquisitiveness and enhance their scientific quests


The fundamentals of science can be easily explained and understood by experiments. Our physics lab provides sample opportunities to the students to learn through experimentation.

Chemistry Laboratory

Our chemistry lab allows the student to perform scientific experiments effectively. We also take care that no student is harmed or injured by the chemicals and other reagents. All the experiments are performed as per CBSE guidelines and under the supervision of our efficient teachers.

Biology Laboratory

It becomes quite mesmerizing to see what is present inside and outside our living system. And this facility is provided by our Biology Lab. The specimens available are eye catching which attract young minds and generate their interests.

Computer Laboratory

In the present era of machines and technologies, how can we forget the use of Computer and it’s Applications! Our school provides Air conditioned computer lab. Students work ‘Hands on Practice’ on computer basics, presentation , programming projects ,web designing and animation.

Mathematics Laboratory

School has a computerized mathematics Lab managed by NIIT. It allows the student to learn,explore and verify the facts and theorems. We make the students learn the concepts in a fun and playful manner..

Social Science Laboratory

Today students are eager to know everything about the location ,job opportunities ,lifestyles,human development etc.across the globe. Globes, maps and many other pictorial and graphical representations quench their thirst of knowledge. We fulfill their requirements and provide a sound base to the subject.


We not only pay attention to the academics but also believe in an overall Development of the child. Music is the ‘ language of God ‘ which provides peace to the soul and connects directly to the almighty. Our school has both Western and Indian forms of Music and various instruments to complement both the forms


Very beautifully quoted”Dance is a silent poetry” It is a hidden language of soul. We encourage our students to express their feelings and creativity through various forms of dance.

Art &Craft room

The school has bullets boards where important information are displayed. This is perhaps done by our students and requires a lot of research work . Therefore it keeps the students involved in useful and productive activities.


For ensuring the safety of our students and staffs ,we have CCTV and high definition cameras in our school premises.

Wall Magazines

We believe that every child is an artist! Therefore we encourage our students to express their creativity in artistic manner. We give our students , a platform for all round Development.

AV Room

The audio visual room is designed for various workshops , seminars etc. It is also equiped with projector and projection screen which is used to show presentation outside the AV room.


The school has its own transport system which is well organized and safe. Our buses offer school bus service to the children and staffs . The drivers and conductors appointed are well trained which ensure the safety of our children and staff members.

Counselors and wellness teachers

We have a well qualified counselors who look after the psycho – social development of students and help them to cope up with any kind of stress and phobias. Each student is properly monitored by our conselors and teachers.


For ensuring a good health, the school has its own canteen which provides nutritious and hygienic food. It is cleaned regularly to maintain hygienic condition.

Medical Room

Medical facilities are available with routine check-up by well qualified doctors and nurses. We also have a provision for handling emergency cases during school hours.