Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are an endeavor to explore new spectra of possibilities for our students. They are designed

  • The school has various clubs to enhance the personality of the students.
  • Physical Education and games are a compulsory part of the curriculum .
  • No child will be excused from games , drills and gymnastics unless a medical certificate is produced. Those pupils availing of the exemption must follow the instruction of the Physical Education teachers
  • The school has computer classes from standard Nursery to 12th
  • Educational tour is arranged every year for class 1st to 12th .

Apart from studies, various activities are organized for the holistic development of our students.Olympiads , Newspaper, Pec card activity , library week, Independence week, English and Hindi creative writing competition, debate, declamation etc. are organized which bring out the hidden talent of our students.